A wedding in late summer or early autumn brings its own magic with it – whether the mild nights that invite you to socialize outdoors or the colors of the trees that slowly turn into a deep red, orange or yellow. The days are getting shorter again and even if it is still warm enough to spend time outdoors, atmospheric light sources are part of your wedding decoration.

Lights at dusk

Your wedding location has long been selected and the big day is about to take place? Then you will certainly have standing tables in front of the location where your guests can come together outdoors – whether with an evening cup of tea or coffee or to enjoy the last, warm hours of late summer. The Lyon wind light creates a wonderful evening atmosphere with small decorative elements and provides warm light.

Wedding decoration with Lyon


The Lyon lantern from VALENTINO is inconspicuous, but effective. The classic round shape fits wonderfully into any wedding decoration. So if you are still looking for small decoration ideas for your wedding, Lyon is the right choice. A colorful blossom – roses, orchids, lotus blossoms or whatever flower goes well with your decoration – a few pearls – the lantern doesn’t need more to look strong. A tealight lets its small flames flicker over bar tables or dining tables and enchants with the play of light. Whether as your own wedding decoration on high tables in the open air or as a decorative extra in your location – the neutral design contributes to the fact that the small lantern secretly creates a mood – so it fits every decoration motto! With several lanterns you create a romantic sea of ​​lights for the banquet table – and individually Lyon looks like a modern and simple decorative extra.

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