Late summer is a popular season for saying yes – it’s still warm, but the cooler breezes cool off, and yet the guests can party outside. A late summer wedding also includes the right wedding decoration – and it can be wonderfully adapted to the season. The Magic Moments heart bowl by VALENTINO is the ideal decoration for your celebration and offers great possibilities – especially in late summer – for unforgettable decoration ideas.

Loving wedding decoration with heart shapes

The heart bowl by Magic Moments combines a young and stylish design with the traditional symbolism for love: the heart. This makes them the ideal basic decoration for your wedding in late summer and an atmospheric eye-catcher on the set tables. In addition to beautiful flower decorations, the heart bowls are also suitable for offering sweets or small snacks – naturally wrapped – on the tables. Between dancing and partying, you can quickly offer energy for the next brisk dance. But hearts symbolize more than just the love of the bride and groom. At the same time, you use this symbol to express your gratitude and solidarity with your guests.

Late summer blooms

If you want to decorate the heart bowl in late summer, there are many colorful and magnificent flowers for your floral designs. The trend colors of late summer are bright yellow, strong red and colored accents in purple – they show the transition to colorful autumn and are still reminiscent of the warm evenings in late summer. Great flowers for your wedding decoration are, for example:

  • Chrysanthemums that bloom in many colors – whether orange, pink or magenta
  • Dahlias, which look like colored clouds with their magnificent flower heads
  • Asters that show strong purple and red
  • Toad lily, which look very exotic with their colorful diversity
  • Sun bride, the color of which makes her look like a little sun

In a personal consultation with your florist, you will receive lots of great tips and ideas for your late summer decoration. Bring the Magic Moments heart bowl with you to the appointment – your florist is sure to have wonderful ideas for seasonal flower arrangements that will give your wedding a late summer glow.

Are you celebrating your wedding in late summer too? We look forward to comments and photos Facebook.