Yes, yes, we know the clichés – after the wedding, a woman can do her husband’s laundry. Instead of holding the laundry, the clothespins are now becoming a cool and individual wedding decoration, which turns every arrangement into a unique eye-catcher at the wedding and also makes the decoration really personal. A touch of humor is part of it – you can do that wonderfully yourself with wedding clips.

Wedding arrangements with Pepp

Wedding arrangements can be found at every wedding celebration – roses, tulips, lilies, all the popular classics are wonderfully suited for beautiful arrangements that make the tables on the wedding day really beautiful and underline the motto “love” great. A bit of wit and charm loosens up the decoration and is guaranteed to make one or the other guest smile. Bride and groom as clothespins? With us, there is no reason to frown, it works wonderfully!

Decoration idea with wedding clips

The wooden clothespin gets a whole new coat of paint – with white, red and black paint you can use simple wooden pegs to create cool accessories for your wedding arrangements. It’s quick and really spices up the decoration. All you need is paint and wooden clothespins. With a little creative skill and a fun afternoon – either with the maid of honor or the groom – the wedding clips are quickly painted. Whether hearts or a kissing couple, it goes perfectly with the arrangement and the flowers. You can use the funny decoration extras in the location, also as place cards or decoration motto. So if you’re still looking for the finishing touches for your wedding decorations, then head to the nearest store – after all, you don’t need much for it, but the effect is huge! Here is your checklist:

  • Wooden clothespins
  • paint and brush
  • The dearest friend or the future one
  • a lot of fun!

If you want to put the bride and groom on the wedding brackets, first paint one half of the bracket white – the other half black. A white collar for the groom is also part of it. Toothpicks are the best way to paint the red kissing mouth, so you can get small kissing mouths perfectly! Have lots of fun with it!

What does your individual wedding decoration look like? We welcome photos and comments Facebook.