Here you will find step-by-step instructions for an origami Easter bunny – quick & easy. As a last minute Easter idea, we have cute origami bunnies for you this year.

Origami Easter Bunny Instructions

Fold cute Easter bunnies out of paper – quick & easy

Keyword: folding, origami, easter bunny

Result: 3 Origami Easter bunny

Author: Ilka


  • glue stick
  • black thin pencil


  • Origami paper 15 x 15 cm


You can decorate the bunny in the living room during Easter or put it on your Easter table as a sweet decoration idea. Another option is to stick the rabbit on a card and send it to your loved ones as an Easter card. We would like to show you this idea too, but unfortunately we don’t have any blank cards and in times of Corona they are unfortunately not available quickly. We wish you a lot of fun doing handicrafts.